Continuing Education

The Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis caters to working professionals who wish to fulfill their Continuing Education Requirements in a stimulating environment. Classes are conveniently scheduled on Saturdays as well as weeknights at our Center City Philadelphia location. Courses frequently offered include:

  • Basic Concepts in Modern Psychoanalytical Techniques
  • The History of Psychoanalysis
  • Case Presentation Seminar
  • Modern Psychoanalytic Theory and Treatment Techniques
  • Moral Countertransference and Other Ethical Dilemmas
  • Transference and Resistance Workshop
  • Understanding the Patient
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Human Maturation and Development
  • Culture and Diversity in Psychoanalysis
  • Evolution of Psychoanalytic Technique
  • Contemporary Developments in Psychoanalysis
  • Resolving Resistances to “Saying Everything”
  • Basic Writings of Freud
  • Freud’s Case Studies and Technical Papers
  • Sex, Aggression and Primary Process
  • Ego Psychology and Object Relations Theory
  • Understanding the Patient: Children, Families, and Classrooms
  • Psychoanalytic Approaches to Organizations
  • Clinical Perspectives of Freud’s Social Thought and Activism
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