Tuition and Fees

Since PSP’s courses and certificate programs are designed for maximum flexibility in meeting requirements, our tuition and fees reasonable, and our payment plans convenient, a PSP education fits comfortably into most budgets. A relatively modest financial investment brings long-term personal and professional dividends. Students find that their psychoanalytic experience benefits not only themselves, but families, friends and future generations as well.

For your planning purposes, the current tuition and fee schedule is as follows:

Tuition Per Session

Full-credit courses (15 class hours) are $360.00.

Individual Psychoanalysis

Arranged privately between student and faculty member.

Individual Supervision

Arranged privately between student and faculty member.

Group Supervision

Included in Practicum.

Case Presentation Seminars

$25.00 per case presented. $10.00 attendance fee.

Final Case Presentation


Matriculation Fee

$75.00 twice per year (Senior Candidates only).


Students can complete 200 clinical hours at the Philadelphia Consultation Center for which they receive a small stipend. This includes 60 hours of group supervision.

Tuition Refund Policy

  • Withdrawal prior to first class 80% Refund
  • Withdrawal after first class 75% Refund
  • Withdrawal after second class 50% Refund
  • Withdrawal after third class No Refund