There are several key reasons to pursue certification, which benefit the candidate as well as the profession of psychoanalysis:

  • The NCPsyA (Nationally Certified Psychoanalyst) credential indicates the highest level of training and experience in psychoanalysis.
  • Certified Psychoanalysts carry on the unique theoretical orientation of their respective training institutes. These psychoanalysts provide training analysis, clinical supervision, institute leadership and governance, and academic instruction for students on the path towards certification.
  • Modern Psychoanalysis, which offers a body of knowledge and a unique therapeutic approach that is effective in treating individuals with a wide range of emotional difficulties, is taught in only a handful of training institutes. Thus, it continues to flourish with the participation and certification of students.
  • Certified Psychoanalysts form a professional community that extends beyond the institute, to other accredited institutes, as well as international entities. New technology has provided a platform for distance learning and professional activities that can connect psychoanalytic communities across the globe.
  • Certified Psychoanalysts often develop a successful specialized private practice providing training analysis and clinical supervision to psychoanalytic candidates in training.
  • PSP Certification is a requirement for membership in the PSP Society, our membership organization. PSP Society members provide training analysis, clinical supervision, academic instruction, and governance to the institute.


The PSP Psychoanalytic Studies Committee (PSC) encourages all students to consider working towards certification. Students receive support and guidance from Marie Hartke, Education and Training Coordinator, from PSP Faculty, and PSP Society Members. The PSC continues to work diligently on streamlining the curriculum and providing opportunities for students to utilize their clinical experience to count towards certification.


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