Student Resources

PSP offers students the following support services to assist in their training:

Student Handbook: An updated version of the Student Handbook will be posted in the Spring 2024 Semester.


PSP Code of Conduct 2023


Throughout the course of their training, students have a team available to them of
certified analysts who provide expert clinical supervision, training analysis, and case presentation assistance.


Students receive academic support from PSP’s Faculty, The Psychoanalytic Studies Committee, the Education and Training Coordinator, and PSP’s Library Services. The Education and Training Coordinator attends to the students’ academic record and offers guidance in course selection and the management of the core program components. The  Education and Training Coordinator also serves as a bridge between the student body and the school administration, advocating for student interests as well as clarifying the institute’s requirements and standards. The PSP Library holds over 4000 items pertaining to classical and modern psychoanalysis. The purpose of the library is to provide faculty, students, and interns at PSP with a variety of materials – monographs, serials, manuscripts, and audiovisual items that will enhance their work as therapists and scholars.


PSP makes computers available for students to use on site.  The School Administrator
can provide technical support for questions and assistance with connectivity and
distance learning.

Peer Support:

PSP encourages student-run committees to coordinate the planning of educational and   cultural events, as well as events that promote therapist health & wellness, with the goal of enhancing student life on and off campus. PSP created a Google Group Listserv where matriculated students and analysts can exchange information and resources, as well as a Facebook group for the institute.


PSP offers video-conference options for distance learners who are unable to attend classes in person.