Library Instructions:
  1. What is the PSP Library?
The PSP Library is a mechanism for PSP Students to request books and resources from the school archives. Books may be requested and collected when the library administrator makes them available to the student.
2. How is a book/resource requested?
In order to begin the request process, you will need to search the library database for the title that you are looking for.

Select search type from drop the down menu. You may search by keyword, title, author (editor), subject -- both person and topic, or ISBN/ISSN.

Enter information associated with your search in the Search Term bar. Some subjects may be too general, or a person might not be specified in our listing, so you might find it necessary to refine your search or try a different set of criteria. Please feel free to contact the librarian at if you are having difficulty finding a book.

You can further refine or confirm your selection by using the Show Detail button. This will display any available copies, and any volume information. You may request a book from the initial results screen by using the Request a Book button. If your selection is part of a multi-volume set or a periodical in a series, you may request a book from either the Show Detail screen or the initial Search Results screen. If you require more information about a book than is available on either screen, you will find the Library of Congress link on the initial Search Results screen. This link redirects you to the full Library of Congress record. Not all of the books in our catalog are listed with the Library of Congress, so this might not be available for all selections.

When you Request a Book, you will be asked to confirm your user name and password, this will alert the librarian to retrieve the book, and check it out for you. You will have 30 days to use any selections, at which time an automated reminder to return or renew will be emailed to you. If there are no other requests for the book, you will be permitted to renew the book for another 30 days, at which time another notice will be emailed to either return or renew the book. You may be contacted by the library administrator to return, or otherwise account for any books should a request for a book in your possession is made, or if you are submitting a request while having several books in your possession for a lengthy period of time.

If you have a mailbox at 313, the requested bookwill be placed in your box. If you do not have a mailbox, there are two boxes at the bottom of the mailbox cabinet for check outs, and returns. You can look for your selection there as well as return books when you have finished. If for some reason neither option is available, please contact the librarian at so that arrangements to collect or return your selections can be made.
3. Can I review a book?
If you would like to leave comments to other library users about a particular book, we have added a Review section. Click the Submit a Review button. You will be asked for your name and email, and given space to leave your remarks. Your name and email information are not included in your submission unless you place them in the review field; they are requested only to contact the reviewer should the content of the review contain gratuitously inappropriate language. The submission can be edited and submitted, or rejected by the library administrator. You will be notified if your submission is rejected.

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